TPR  & GPR 2" & 3"
TPR  & GPR 2" & 3"
TPR  & GPR 2" & 3"

TPR & GPR 2" & 3"

Tangential Pond Return (TPR) and Gap Pond Return (GPR)
“Wedge Lock” design is made for concrete construction and creates a plate-less connection for liquid liners like Polyurea.

The liner is applied to the embedded base unit and the wedge shaped is glued in over the first coat to “lock the liner into place, leavinga completely flush surface in the pond wall. The TPR’s can be shaved into virtually any angle so the limitations of exactly 45 degrees do not apply. For 1.5” sizing, use a 2″ × 1.5″ reducer bushing.

Available in GPR and 45 degree TPR in 2" and 3".

Also available: Thread Protect Tool for use in during spray applied coating

*4" TPR and GPR are available by request.

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