Wave 36 Kit: Air-lift Dilution Reactor

Wave 36 Kit: Air-lift Dilution Reactor

Airlift Dilution Reactor Kit for W.Lim Corp’s Wave 36 tank.

The Airlift Dilution Reactor is an aerated bio-reactor that cycles water through the filter multiple times for each single pass through of pump volume, allowing the bacteria multiple opportunities to come in contact with the water on each pass. This highly oxygenated bio-filter uses any static free flowing media and can flow up to 8000 gallons per hour. The tank diameter is only 3’ which results in a much smaller footprint as compared to other aerated bio-filters with similiar capacity.

*Custon UV Light Assemblies can be made inside the Air Purge Chambers to save space and are available by request. Contact us at 702-845-6782

Sold without media

Divider Plate
Air Cleaner Rings
Diverter Valves
Drain Fittings
Inlet/Outlet Fittings
Center Tank
Air Purge Tanks

This kit requires:
One Wave 36 Tank
Approx. 30 cubic ft of media
-We suggest Bacti-Twist
-22 cubic ft. of Heavy Thick, 8 cubic ft of either Medium or Thick
Must operate with a 80 LPM Air Pump
Valving in and out of Wave 36

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