24" Static Pre-Filter

24" Static Pre-Filter

The “Accelerator Series” Removable Static Prefilters are a great alternative in a settlement tank or first chamber. They come in three basket sizes (18”, 24” & 30”) and 3 outlet styles (2”, 3” and 4”, depending on the basket size). The 2” and 3” outlets styles are made with our “cam-lock” adaptor for easy twist on installation and removal.

The center outlet screen style is determined by the media preference. The Floating Media uses a ball shaped outlet with small slots and holes for media control. For use with PVC shavings, a screen style outlet is provided with larger openings. The 2” style outlets come come with a 2” cam-lock adaptor. Cleaning takes only a couple of minutes through the use of a T fitting on the pipe.

The PVC Media versions are sold with media. The Floating Media style is sold without.

Special shipping requirements for 30” sizes. Please call for shipping info.

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