Bacti-Twist PVC Media
Bacti-Twist PVC Media

Bacti-Twist PVC Media

PVC Media is an exciting product in pond filtration. Specially machined PVC shavings are an excellent form of biofiltration and we LOVE it!

Loose fill media fits into any shape container or filter and has an incredible amount of surface area. Approximately 95 sq. feet. of surface area per cubic foot bag!

We love how easy it is to clean. Shake it, spray it, or rinse it! Either way, it’s a breeze to clean and beats every media we’ve ever tried!

Comes is black (UV resistant) or white.

Now Available! Heavy Bacti-Twist!!! Perfect for shower filters!

We reccommend white if you’d like to see when it’s dirty and black if it will be exposed to sunlight.

*Living Water Solutions, Inc. is the official representative of Bacti-Twist PVC Media.

If you are interested ing becoming a retailer or wholesaler of Bacti-Twist PVC Media or if you are interested in buying large quantities, please call us for discounted pricing.


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