Static Pre-Filter Kit
Static Pre-Filter Kit

Static Pre-Filter Kit

The Static pre-filter kit is designed as a low cost, but extremely effective pre-filter system for 3" bottom drains. Includes Thick Bacti-twist (Black) as media and is easily cleaned in minutes by diverting the outgoing water with the use of a tee and valves (not included). The mounting assembly is included and comes in both a 2" outlet, for a direct suction to a pump system and a 3" outlet for use with a gravity flow system to the next filter. Special bulkhead/pump union fitting is also available for a discharge pump connection when gravity flow cleaning isn’t an option.

18" Static Pre-Filter
Mounting Assembly (2" or 3")
Thick Bacti-twist (Black)
“Twist-lock” connection for easy removal from the tank
3" Vortex Inlet
Drain Kit (2", 3", or Discharge Pump Outlet)
Assembly Instructions

This kit requires:
55 Gallon Drum
3" Stainless Steel Knife Valve
Drain Valve
Tee Assembly
Discharge pump (for discharge pump outlet option)

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