Sand & Gravel Filter Kit
Sand & Gravel Filter Kit

Sand & Gravel Filter Kit

Sand and Gravel Filter Kit for 55 gallon drums.

An up-flow sand and gravel filter is a static filter with lots of surface area for the bacteria to grow on. Regarded as one of the best fines filters available, the three layer media system polishes the water so that it will becomes extremely clear.

It has a maximum flow rate of approximately 1800 gph.
Available as Waterfall Filter or Remote Filter.

*New" Flexible Air Cleaning Manifold
Distribution Manifold
Divider Plate
Upper Rinse Drain, Optional Lower Drain
Faceplate (Waterfall Filter)
Bulkhead (Reomote Filter)

Does not include media, sand or gravel

This kit requires:
Two 2" valves
1 hp Blower or Shop Vac with Blower Attachment 
Top Layer:One 100lb. bag of #12 sand
Center Layer: 8" (in tank) of 3/8 Pea Gravel or River Pebble
Base Layer: 8" (in tank) of 1"-1.5" Larger Stone or River Rock

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