Air-Driven Dilution Reactor Kit

Air-Driven Dilution Reactor Kit

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Air-Driven Dilution Reactor Kit for 55 gallon drums

The Air-Driven Dilution Reactor is an aerated bio-reactor that cycles water through the filter multiple times for each single pass through of pump volume, allowing the bacteria multiple opportunities to come in contact with the water on each pass. This highly oxygenated bio-filter uses any static, free flowing media, but can easily be constructed to use floating media as well.

Divider Plate

Air Cleaning Rings

Diverter Valves

Inlet/Outlet Fittings

Kit comes without media

This kit requires:
Two 55 Gallon Drums
Approx. 7 cubic ft of static media

Any loose, open media can be used such as cut up chunks of Matala Matting
-We suggest Bacti-Twist
-5 cubic ft. of Heavy Thick, 3 cubic ft of either Medium or Thick
Must operate with a 40 or 45 LPM Air Pump
Valving in and out of filter tank

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