Static Bio-Filter Kit
Static Bio-Filter Kit

Static Bio-Filter Kit

The 55 Gallon Drum Static Bio-filter Kit is an up-flow filter that uses a static media. It requires approximately 7 cu ft of media and can be cleaned by plunging the media by hand inside the barrel or with the use of an air ring operated by a 40 or 45 lpm air pump. Any existing air pump already on your pond can be used for cleaning this filter by just diverting the air flow for a couple of minutes. The same air ring for cleaning can also be used to make this filter an aerated static media filter by simply running the air all the time with a dedicated air pump not included. The kit comes with a lower drain and an upper rinse drain for cleaning.

Available in as Waterfall Filter or Remote Filter.

This kit can be used as a static filter or an aerated filter.

Lower Drain
Upper Rinse Drain
Bottom Entry or Upper Entry Fittings
Separation Plate w/Aerator Ring
Outlet Assembly (Remote Filter)
Faceplate (Waterfall Filter)
Instruction Booklet

Sold without media

This kit requires:

For static trapping construction:
2 Drain Valves
Approx 7 cubic ft of media
We recommend:
Fine Bacti-Twist for fines filtering or
Medium Bacti-Twist as a great standard bio-filter.

For aerated bio-reactor construction:
2 Drain Valves
40 or 45 lpm Air Pump
Approx 7 cubic ft of media
We recommend:
Heavy Thick Bacti-Twist or Heavy Medium Bacti-Twist(heavier grade resists floating up)

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