Reviews for Nishikigoi Mondo!

It’s official! The first shipment of Nishikigoi Mondo in the U.S. has sold out! Not to worry, another shipment is arriving tomorrow, so place an order to reserve your copy because we expect this shipment to sell out even faster than the first.

Contemplating if it’s worth the investment? We love the book, but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at this review from Dick Benbow:

Nishikigoi Mondo

A review of the newest Koi Publication

With Dick Benbow

I think the most frustrating situation during my learning process for the hobby of Koi was the language barrier. Trying to get information direct from Japan translated into the English language was often impossible at best in the beginning. Things have improved over the years since the wonderful book of Dr. Kurioki’s. So in producing a book of this magnitude, Nishikigoi Mondo is a major accomplishment in bringing us up to date in the effort to spread the knowledge of this hobby worldwide. Printed initially for the home market, the process to get it printed and translated has been several years in the making. So it only seems right to acknowledge with great appreciation the efforts of those individuals who helped make this book, and those who helped make it available in the English language
In our quest for knowledge we often have more questions than answers, and this book goes a long way in providing them. Within it’s 392 pages, covering some 12 chapters, the book is in an easy to grasp question and answer format. In fact, as I began to acclimate to the format, I found myself just reading the answers in my hunger to acquire new information. 18 Top experts in the field of Koi have addressed Over 2,000 questions in all. These contributors have long been individuals active in forming our hobby with decades of knowledge to draw from. If we were to calculate the combined years that these contributors have been active in Koi, it would be very impressive, indeed!
The book is well constructed and attractively illustrated with photos and drawings. For those of you who wish to check out the Physiology chapter, be prepared for some graphic
Photos that while being quite helpful for learning, may cause a few to feel a bit uncomfortable. Towards the back of the book, there is an excellent glossary that addresses those Japanese words that need to be understood in English.
As a long time contributor to many Koi chat lines, much of the questions answered in this book have appeared at one time or another. It certainly would have been nice to be able to refer them to this book. So for someone just starting out, this book is a definite must. For those who have advanced past the beginner’s stage, the contents really are helpful in understanding and improving your hobby skills. That leaves those of us who have been around for a while, and yes, there is worthwhile
learning made available for this segment of the hobby as well.
Nishikigoi Mondo is an excellent way to acquire knowledge from the comfort of your easy chair. It will provide you with hours of enjoyable reading, and should you wish to refresh something you previously read, it’s immediately available off the bookshelf. I rate it a “must have”.
Posted by Danielle Alegre on July 29, 2009.