Nishikigoi Mondo is coming soon!

Nishikigoi Mondo,the long awaited book that will answer all questions that Koi lovers have about Japan’s national fish, Nishikigoi, is coming soon and Living Water Solutions has it!

Living Water Solutions, Inc. has been asked to become the exclusive distributor of Nishikigoi Mondo in the United States and Canada. We can’t wait to bring this remarkable book to all of our Koi friends in North America. This book is the English version of the popular book that is already available in Japan. Not only has this book been translated into English, but it also includes extra content not available in the Japanese version. It’s all about Nishikigoi in the form of Q and A.

Nishikigoi Mondo Books begin their journey to the U.S. on June 23, 2009!

$140 includes shipping
Hardcover : 392 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 8.6×11.7×1.2 in

A colorful, comprehensive record of Q&A based information and advice on Nishikigoi, reflecting Mr. Fujita’s 44 years as publisher and reporter of “Rinko” magazine.

You can’t miss this remarkable piece of work in which 18 leading Nishikigoi experts answer more than 2000 questions on covering:

Chapter 1
Starting the Hobby of Nishikigoi

Chapter 2
The Root of Nishikigoi

Chapter 3
Morphology and Physiology of Nishikigoi

Chapter 4
The Ecology and Life Cycle of Nishikigoi through the Year

Chapter 5
Varieties of Nishikigoi

Chapter 6
How to Keep Nishikigoi

Chapter 7
Building and Management of a Nishikigoi Pond

Chapter 8
Sneak peek!!!!!
Check out Chapter 8: How to Appreciate Nishikigoi

Nishikigoi Mondo: Chapter 8

Chapter 9
Fish Diseases That Affect Nishikigoi

Chapter 10
Nishikigoi Spawning and Culling

Chapter 11
Seeking Nishikigoi

Chapter 12
Nishikigoi Shows

Editorial Supervisors
Shoichi Iizuka, Yoshimichi Sakai, Yokio Isa, Satoru Hoshino, Masamoto Kataoka, Toshihisa Oguma, Masao Iwahashi, Ryuzo Narita, Toshikatsu Konishi, Juzo Kamihata, Toshio Sakai, Mamoru Kodama, Tadashi Watanabe, Yasuyoshi
Murakami, Sadao Hiroi, Masayoshi Nakayama, Manabu Ogata, Hajime Isa

Published by
NABA Corporation

Edited and translated by
International Nishikigoi Promotion Center (INPC)

Posted by Danielle Alegre on June 15, 2009.